Hyperbaric chamber

Do you want to know more about what's a hyperbaric chamber?

On 11 June 2010, launched the new hyperbaric chamber at the Hospital de Palamos.

The former, he remained active since it was installed in the hospital in 1994. 

Phone  972 600 160  Ext. 3699

Location: 2nd Floor Hospital Palamos

6 physicians / specialists Socialist Hyperbaric Medicine 
21 nurses who specialize in hyperbaric care 
4 divers professionals specializing in hyperbaric facilities

Hyperbaric Medicine Service Coordinator 
Dr. Jose Maria Inoriza

Dr.. Rodrigo Galan 
Dra. M. José Martí 
Dra. Gemma Oliu 

The current house was built in Germany by the company Hauxia-LIFE-SUPPORT has two compartments and a diameter of 2.5 meters and a total length of 5.8 meters. This allows a treatment capacity of 8 people sitting. However it can be configured in various ways can treat 2 patients on a stretcher, a patient on a stretcher and 4 sitting or eight seated. It also has an innovative system of air supply and is equipped with the latest available security mechanisms. Maximum working pressure is 5 bars.

The Hyperbaric Medicine Unit of Hospital de Palamos has at present with 6 doctors, 21 nurses and 4 camera operators. So there is a permanent team of 3 people watch (doctor / ssa, nurse / ae camera operator) that handles any emergency 24 hours a day every day of the year.

Also, from this unit are carried out medical examinations that are required in the practice of diving, professional and educational activities.

Carbon Monoxide, a gas poisonous, odorless and tasteless generated by poor combustion boilers, fireplaces, engines ...