La Roja

South zone of Palamós

Rock in the shape of a boot where the anchorage of the buoy is located at -10m deep and goes to -32m deep.

It is a very simple dive from the point of view of the orientation since on both sides there is sand being these the deepest part.

Coral rock with lots of flora (red coral, anemones ...) very rugged and with many cracks where we can find a lot of lobsters, nudibranchs, moray eels, octopuses ...

We can find large banks of Sardinians and barracudas, in addition to marine eagles and moonfish when it is time.

Ideal area for levels 2 or advance although, levels 1 or Open Water can also enjoy the entire elevated area of the rock that is 18 meters.

Just 15 minutes of navigation from the mouth of the port, we can admire all the big beach of palamós, snt antoni de calonge and torrevalentina, a very nice and fun crossing.