Illes formigues

North zone of Palamós

Located in front of the Cap Roig and named for the famous naval battle of 1285 between the French and Aragonese crowns at the hands of Roger de Llúria, they are a group of islets with an abundant wildlife typical of the Mediterranean, such as:

- Groupers

- seahorses

- Sardinians

- octopus and cuttlefish

- scorpions

the list is very long

Formed by very coral rocky areas, canyons and large walls of gorgonians, is one of the richest and most beautiful diving areas to see.

It adapts to all levels as it has areas of 4 meters to areas of about 30 meters, which qualifies to do, from baptisms to deep dives.

It is located about 20 minutes of navigation from the diving center and during the trip we can observe the "coves" typical of the Costa Brava such as:

-cala margarita

-cala salguer

-cala corbs

and many other diverse countries.

Without a doubt a magnificent immersion that you can not lose.