El Tabal

There are three rocks aligned with each other, although the immersion will be done in the enormous rock of the center, this rock is the one that contains the most life and the navigation will be around it. The summit is located 23 m. and the background at 44 m, is a deep immersion in which we will have to be more aware of our control devices for our safety, since decompression is easy to enter and air consumption will be high due to its depth. On this way we can find a second rock full of poseidonea, its depth will be about 32 mt constantly, in this dive the marine life can be abundant and find banks of barracudas or spits with the occasional big grouper. To reach the diving point we will take about 30 minutes and we can see from our boat the towns of Calella and Llafranc passing through the typical coves of the Costa Brava.