El Boreas

One of our most popular dives is the descent to visit the Boreas, located southwest of the Palamos Coast, near La Llosa which is a promontory full of large cracks and canyons. The Boreas was an offshore tug of the German navy during the Second World War, with 40 m. length.
His original name was Pellworm.

Later it went to the civil use, being confiscated by the authorities for the traffic of narcotics, in 1989 after having been cleaned and having eliminated the possible risks for the divers, began its sinking in front of the banks from Palamós.

We descend by the end located at the bow of the ship, about 22 m. When we reach the end of the end, we will directly see the propeller located at 32 meters. climb on the back deck where we start to visit the various confined spaces from the cellar, where we find a air chamber, followed by the engine room through the kitchen and ending in the captain's room, where we can we sit in the bath.

There are other rooms, more difficult to access and with little interest for the diver.

To finish we visit the whole deck of the boat looking for some conger hidden in some of the infinite corners that Boreas offers us. Remember to check the computer often, it is easy to enter decompression.