In our confortable boat and facilities, our kind instructors and professionals will equip you with a mask, fins and neopren suit, amongst anything else needed. Every diver is given a new snorkel as a sanitary measure and as a souvenir to remember their experience with us in Dive Center Palamos.

The journey to the various snorkelling sites will normally take 15 minutes. Upon arrival, a short briefing on how to use the mateiral, safety measures and about the site will be given in different languages before getting in the water and starting the tour.

The transparent waters of our coasts offer a great visibility.There is a huge diveristy of flora and fauna to be found including Barracudas, Gorgonias, Octopuses, Moray Eels, Corals, etc. On the boat, all the species observed will be commented and identified using the plastic guides. Sometimes, we can even see dolphins from the boat!! You will have an hour at your diposal to enjoy snorkelling, or to simply relax on our boat which is perfectly equiped with a wc, wide steps and swimming platform to get in and out of the water comfortably, as well as sunny and shaded areas.

On the way back, a tour of the typical coves of the Costa Brava will be provided too, concluding the whole activity in two hours.