Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba from beach or boat

Description: The time that is used for doing the activity in the case of the DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) from the beach is 3:00 hours and if you do it from the boat is 4:00 hours.

The activity is divided in three modules.

1st Module

- Theory: The instructor does an explanation, with digital support, of the exercises and the techniques of diving that we will use in the DSD.  

2nd Module

 - Material: Explanation of all the components of the diving equipment and delivery of material with a size check.

3rd Module

- DSD: Dive with the instructor, doing easy exercises to feel comfortable with the equipment. Enjoying the dive while we discover the seabed typical of the Costa Brava.

*For doing this activity it is not necessary to have previous experience in diving.

Objective: Enjoy a new experience in a fun and safe environment, while you introduce yourself to the diving world.

Include: Insurance, material and some pictures that we will do it during the DSD.

Our slogan is Palamós Dive Center, your safety dive!